About Us

Welcome to Anchors a Wave condo from the Dryers, who are so lucky to be living our dream of living on the beach. Our retirement plan has always been to have a winter place on the Emerald Coast, and we have been working towards this plan for the last 15 years. We never thought it would become a reality this soon. This page is about us and our story.

We typically rent a house for a beach vacation each year and have been to many places in Florida, Outer Banks, Virginia Beach, Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, and others. After visiting all of those beaches, we kept saying that the Emerald Coast is our favorite. The clear water, white sandy beaches, and the general area have been calling to us all of these years. It is such a favorite that we think nothing of the 14-hour drive down to spend time in our condo.

Our permanent home (for the last 18 years) has been the Washington DC area, where we have raised our kids and have loved living in the craziness of DC. However, we have always dreamed of the Panama City Beach area (especially in the winters).

During the summer of COVID-19, when we did not take our usual beach vacation, we decided to casually look at some places in Panama City Beach. This was all done on FaceTime, and as we looked for months, it became more real for us. We saw this condo the day it went on the market and fell absolutely in love with it. We bought it sight unseen, which is honestly the craziest thing we have ever done. When we got to see it in person, we fell even more in love with it. We loved the complex – the pools, hot tubs, fitness room, restaurants, and best of all, how close we are to the beach. We can hear it from our balcony and have the best sunset views. We have done a lot of walking on the beach and love that we can go back and forth to our condo in minutes.

We chose the name Anchors a Wave to honor our family’s time in the Navy and celebrate our love for puns. Since we live 14 hours away, we have been lucky to team up with the same company that had been previously managing, Forever Vacation Rentals (who are located close to the condo), to help us with answering any questions, fix any issues, and give our guests the best experience possible.

We hope you enjoy our home and have the best vacation! If you need any information don’t hesitate to contact us or check our blog for great vacation tips and tricks.