10 Fun Craft Ideas to Showcase Your Sea Shell Collection

Lots of little shells in the sand at Panama City Beach to use with shell craft ideas

If you are like us, we love collecting shells, but we usually put them in a ziploc bag and never really do anything special with them. I did some research and found many fun shell craft ideas to display your collection to relive the memories every day when you look at your craft projects. All of these ideas have step-by-step instructions included to get you on your way to making memories with sea shell crafts.

Collage Shell Crafts

A collage can be a wonderful shell craft idea to display your found treasures. With just a wood backdrop and glue, you can really make a show piece. In addition, to showing off your shells, you can add a quote or location as text to make a memory. This a great shell craft to make.

Mosaic Beach Tabletop

Make an old piece of furniture shine by using your collected beach shells as a mosaic tabletop. Use bits of shells, whole shells, and sea glass to make a beautiful design that will be treasured, used, and a conversation piece.

Beach Shell Wreath

If you are able to collect bigger shells, a shell summer wreath can be created using a wreath form found at any craft store. This wreath is the perfect memento that can be displayed and will quickly get you back into the beach mode – and ready for your next vacation!

This method can be used for lots of different beach souvenirs: sea glass, drift wood, and other types of items collected on the beach.

Shell Wind Chimes

By turning your shells into a wind chime, you can see and hear your memories of your vacation every time the wind blows. Using a couple of pieces of drift wood at the top and other beachy items (like sea glass) will really bring it all together.

Mosaic Mason Jar Shell Crafts

Dress up a mason jar to hold a candle with your shells from your beach vacation. In this craft, it is best to use your smaller shells and can be done using similar colored shells or to do a colorful mosaic.

Shell Craft Ideas with Shadow Boxes

Fill up a shadow box with the shells, sea glass, or other treasures that you collected on the beach and display it on the wall or a tabletop. Add a little cardstock sign at the bottom or on the glass listing the beach location for a fun memory.

Resin Shell Coasters

Layering your small shells in a silicone mold and pouring epoxy resin to make drink coasters is another good way to display treasures and memories. Add a little label inside the epoxy with the date/location and make one from each of your beach vacations.

Painted Shells

In any of these project, you can add visual interest or make it more cohesive by painting the shells before you add them to your shell crafts. You can also just display these in a jar or pretty glass bowl.

Shell Covered Planters

Make some fun planters by gluing shells on to a terracotta or plastic planter and bring your beach vacation memories to to the back porch or window sill. These are great ways to show both off your collected shells and your plants.

Shell Craft Ornament

My favorite way to display vacation memories is to make an ornament to hang on your tree. Add some decorative writing on the ornament to mark dates and locations. An easy way to show off your shell crafts and have fun remembering them each year when they are taken out for the tree.

For more ideas to display your beach memories and collected treasures, follow our board: DIY Shell Crafts and Art

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