Amazing Pinwheel Sandwich Recipes for your Vacation Lunch Plans

plate of pinwheel sandwiches

Getting meals planned on vacation can be a challenge at times. It is certainly easier to eat out (or get take out), but can add a lot of extra costs to your vacation budget. I would rather spend that money on experiences than food. One of the best lunch ideas that I use on our vacations are pinwheel sandwich (and there are great tortilla options – veggie flavored, low carb, and others). With just a few ingredients in the pinwheel sandwich recipes like cream cheese, veggies, and meats (rotisserie chicken/deli meats/ leftovers) you can have a quick lunch made (and you can make ahead in the morning for more self serve).

Here are some fun and easy pinwheel sandwich recipes (click on the pins for the full recipe):

I have personally tried many of these recipes. They taste really good, take about 10 minutes or so to make, and can can be customized to fit your family’s tastes. Some have additional time/steps such as baking (like the pizza roll ones), but most are just layered on, rolled up, and cut into pinwheels.

For More Pinwheel Sandwich Recipes

Follow our Pinterest board for more ideas of these fun pinwheel sandwiches that make a great vacation lunch for your family. We have made sure that each of these actually contains recipe, and come back to this blog post to see some new ones we found.

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