Beach Cocktail Recipes to Make Your Vacation Perfect

3 cocktails on the beach to demonstrate beach cocktail recipes

What can be better on vacation than watching the sunset with the perfect cocktail in hand to match the occasion? We have collected some of the best beach cocktail recipes that we have found for the best experience. Just get your favorite rum, vodka, wine, or other spirit and mix them with some great beach themed ingredients for the perfect ending to the perfect beach day.

Our Favorite Beach Cocktail Recipes

One of our favorites are the Frozen Peach Bellini cocktail – the best part of this drink is that you can use any fruit (not just peaches). This cocktail is super easy since you just need a few ingredients and you can omit the sugar and find some great low carb sparkling wine brands for a less guilty pleasure.

This refreshing drink on a hot summer day is perfect for a beach vacation. This is an easy recipe to make a lower calorie version by swapping out the cranberry juice for diet cranberry juice and using diet limeade, or I have found I like diet lemonade even better.

Here is another one of our favorites and so refreshing. This uses grapefruit and grapefruit juice and is a lovely end to a beach day. This can be swap out with other citrus fruit and juices by using lemonade/lemons or limeade/limes, and you can use the lower calorie versions of each.

More Beach Cocktail Recipes

Our Pinterest Board is constantly updating as we find more recipes we like so check back often to find even more ideas and inspiration.

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