Top 4 Best Gadgets for Working from Home (or from Vacation)

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Working from home or remotely is seen as very normal and real during this last year. Even working on vacation is a real possibility to keep things moving and not stalling. Both of us have worked many times when we are supposed to be relaxing, but it enables us to still travel and visit Anchors A Wave from our primary home. I would much rather walk on the beach in the evening then shovel snow. Since we do this often, I have found out what works well and what doesn’t, and have listed my top 4 best gadgets for working from home (or on vacation).

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Extra Monitor

Usually when you are traveling, you don’t have room to bring things such as multiple monitors to help you get work done more efficiently. However, there are really great new gadgets that enable you to have the functionality of a multiple monitor, but don’t take up more space than a notebook or pad of paper. I personally have the first one listed and love it. I actually use it as an additional monitor at home (placed on the wall above my laptop screen with command strips) so this monitor is very versatile. The second one listed is the type that are affixed to the laptop screen and seem amazing. The are a smaller size than the one that set next to the laptop, but I am excited to try the slide out ones.

Charger Organizer

I love my charger organizer. I have one listed below (in the middle) and love how it is easy to make sure I have everything (phone chargers, eBook chargers, battery chargers, headphones, watch charger, and more). I have even bought extra of all of my chargers to keep this packed at all times (shortens my packing time and allows me to keep all of my chargers at home plugged in where they are). The other two are newer and hold more items and possibly some of the tech gadgets as well. I highly recommend having one of these when you are at home working on your kitchen table or traveling for vacation or work.

Tablet/Document Holder

These little fold-able holders are amazing for your phone, tablet, eReader, documents, or any other gadget that would be better and more viewable to hold more upright. I have two of the first one type listed below and use them all of the time (at home and while traveling) for my Kindle. The second one listed is very similar to the first – it just comes in fun colors. The third one is a different style and perfect for smaller items such as the phone.

Power Banks (Portable Battery Chargers)

Have charged up power banks is important while traveling or even in the house. They are useful if you are in area of the house without adequate and nearby electrical outlets, when the electricity goes out, and in transportation vehicles. There are even some that can be charged up using solar which would be helpful in a electrical outage. I have several type (solar, regular, small/large) and use the frequently. Sometimes I use these when I am just working out on the beach at a table in our favorite restaurant.

All of these recommendations are on our list of best gadgets for working from home and are very are used often when traveling for work or vacation.

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